Convert Web Pages to PDF Without Installing Extensions

There are times when you come across several websites that you find useful and want to save later for future reference or offline access. In such cases, you can keep the web page as a HyperText Markup Language file or, if you take a step further, you can convert the HTML file to a PDF document, which is a more convenient idea as it is easier to access and share.

Besides, online conversion has become increasingly prevalent since PDF is now universally recognized as the best format for secure sharing and distribution. If you don’t know how to convert HTML to PDF, online tools are willing to lend a hand to help you meet your needs. So how can you quickly transform web pages to PDFs? Here are some practical solutions:

Make Use Of PDFBear’s Conversion Tool

With a wide range of online portable document format tools that you can explore on the internet today, only a few of them can offer the highest quality of conversion output. PDFBear is one of the few that provides a variety of conversion features, such as HTML to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF, PDF to PPT, and other essential PDF functions.

On the other hand, if you need to save web pages for reference, using an HTML to PDF converter can be an ideal alternative to keeping your favorite HTML sites. The benefits of turning websites into PDFs include the potential of featuring passwords, annotations, and steady output. With PDFBear, any PDF functions are easy to manipulate with just a few clicks.

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PDFBear’s Simplified Four-Step Guide

As mentioned earlier, the conversion of any URL to PDF is hassle-free once you use the PDFBear for the conversion process. Taking advantage of the page to convert any files to a PDF document will only require minimal input and effort. So how do you start the PDFBear process? Simple. The site has already set up a four-step process ready for you to follow.

Moreover, converting HTML to PDF format helps to secure the originality of the document. In this way, you can reduce the potential risk of copying or duplicating your content. When you format the HTML into a portable form, the content is safe from being copied and edited for personal use. With that, below are the key steps you need to take to start converting:

  1. A working computer or mobile device, a stable data connection, and a browser are the essential pieces of equipment required to start the operation. Type PDFBear in your preferred browser, and then locate the HTML to PDF function in the site’s toolbox. 
  2. Next, search for a website to be placed in the column, but if you have already prepared the URLs, you can immediately copy those links and paste them into the toolbox in the middle section of the screen. From there, tap the Convert to PDF button to start the conversion process.
  3. After sufficient upload, the conversion of the PDFBear will proceed now and will only take five to ten seconds to complete the conversion. You will no longer have to wait for long hours to get the necessary files from this time forward. With the help of PDFBear, everything is fast and secure.
  4. When the conversion process is finished, your HTML is now fully converted. Save your PDF document directly to your file storage, Dropbox, or Google Drive. You can also use the URL of your file for faster online transmission.
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You Don’t Have to Worry About PDFBear’s Security

If you are worried about your websites getting hacked, don’t be, as PDFBear will prevent any illegal access to your documents. PDFBear treats your privacy, confidentiality, and security with the utmost respect. The page is sensitive to its users’ files containing private and personal information, and therefore implement and strictly follow the Privacy Policy.

Apart from that, when you transmit your files and documents on its system, the page’s features will help you convert your records quickly. After the server has provided a newly updated PDF form and a download link has been established, the system will immediately delete the original document after using the tools making it a secure platform to use.

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Be a PDFBear PRO Member

PDFBear allows you to have the opportunity to convert web pages to PDF without a subscription. But the minor drawback is that the page will only let you do the conversion process in a limited time. If you have collected a bunch of websites to convert to portable document format files, then your best option is to submit yourself as a PDFBear Pro member. 

The great thing about being a pro member is that it has more advantages when manipulating the features available on PDFBear. For instance, you will have an unlimited number of OCR tasks, upload large-sized PDF files, endless conversion tasks, and others. What’s more, membership-only is as low as $5.99 a month, which is relatively cost-effective.


PDFBear is a unique online PDF conversion tool. The HTML to PDF converter has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, assuring that it is a safe and reliable tool to use. In just a matter of seconds, the results of each procedure can deliver a high-resolution document. Without a doubt, PDFBear is the best one-stop-shop that you can easily rely on for your PDF needs. 

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