Comments Are Disabled For This Video? Stop Whining And Fix It Already!

Did you just bump into the message “Comments are disabled for this video”?


Something tells me you did.

Well, if you are struggling with this, be it on your uploaded videos or someone else’s video, then you should know that you’re not alone.

For a while now, folks have been complaining of this same stuff. After getting a firsthand experience myself, I thought it wise providing a working fix, the best way I can.


What does “comments are disabled for this video” mean?

If you’re still not clear with this, I’ll quickly throw more light on it.

Though the statement speaks for itself, in a real sense, “comments are disabled for this video” means you can’t write any kind of comments.

Whenever you see “comments are disabled for this video’ in the comment box of a video in YouTube or any other platform, it simply means you cannot drop comments and thoughts on the video. Basically, there won’t be comments for that video. So there is no chance of you reading them.

If you’re seeing this message, there are possibilities that comments had actually been disabled for the video or it could be as a result of bugs (error) in the App.

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Sometimes, comments are intentionally disabled. And if that be the case, there’s little or nothing you can do.

Comments disabled intentionally, isn’t something new, though it’s a much-appreciated feature across social networks. The owners of the video probably have their reasons – reasons not farfetched.

Reasons why people disable comments on Youtube 

For the sake of your curiosity, you may be wondering why some people on Youtube disable comments?

Well, reasons vary. Be it personal or not, there are various reasons why people disable comments on YouTube videos. Some of the popular ones are;

1. To prevent an overwhelming number of arguments

Some YouTubers are fond of uploading controversial videos and such videos usually spawn an overwhelming number of arguments in the comment section. If the comments are not so helpful, the uploader may choose to disable comments for the video.

2. Spam comments

Not everyone can stand the sight of spam comments. Due to the recent surge of spam bots posting phishing links in comments pretending to be the original uploader, comments are often disabled for some videos.

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3. Confirmation bias

Wouldn’t you like to see your opinion amplified by others to make you feel like your subjective feelings are right due to the majority agreeing? Think of it. Even if you do, a lot of folks wouldn’t.

Like I earlier said, there are more reasons. These are just a few.

Definitely, you now know why people disable comments on Youtube videos and why you’re not able to see or read comments on Youtube videos.

If you noticed you can read comments but you can’t add a comment, it seems you may have just been hooked on the web of bug.

When you have YouTube Android app saying comments are disabled for all videos, you too should be worried.

Sometime in 2015, there was a major bug issue with Youtube Android App and due to the severity of the bug, a lot of Youtubers got worried.

It was a phobia for a lot of things; fear of losing prospective subscribers, thoughtful comments and lots more…

If you’re stuck in the loop of fixing this, then you should stop whining already.

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Comments are disabled for this video – Working fix

How do I quite comments are disabled for this video? I believe this has been the question on your mind all along.

If you’re still using an old version of Youtube App, let’s say version 10.21.58 or something close, it would be smart of you considering an update to a more recent version.

That should do the trick but if you still notice disabled comments on videos even with a newer version of Youtube App, you may consider “reverse engineering” – uninstall the YouTube App updates.

Simply put, instead of updating, uninstall the latest updates for the youtube app and the problem should go away.

Wasn’t so difficult, was it? (smiles)

Now you know what it means by comments are disabled for this video and the easiest way around it. Kindly share this and help keep it relevant.

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