Here’s How To Delete Google Search History And Stop Google From Knowing Everything You Do

Don’t be surprised that you’re being monitored by one of your best online tool and friend.

Google Watching you

No need to suspect any of your friends in your location because the only one stalking you is Google. It pretty knows almost everything about you.

A lot of you already know that Google is a company that tracks your data whenever your surf the web and uses it to serve you various kinds of advertisement.

So why the expression on your face when it was same you who gave them that permission?

When you make voice searches or ask Google to open apps or call someone, Google stores all that into their server.

Hope you don’t plan on stopping voice searches? Calm down, don’t be quick to action; just keep reading.

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According to Google, your activities are being stored on its server just to serve you the best result. Although they don’t tell you in plain text that your voice is being stored online, they also made it easy for you to delete your voice search data and also stop them from tracking your activities on the web.

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I’ll be writing an article on how you can stop Googe from tracking your activities on the web, but today I will show you how you can delete every single Google Voice search history.

How to delete your Google Voice search history.

Step 1: First and foremost, you need to open your voice and audio activity page on Google

Step 2: On the page that opens, you have to sign in to your Google account.

Step 3: If you’ve successfully signed in, you should then see a list of all your activity (i.e. your voice search and audio history), all stored on Google’s server.

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Step 4: On the list and beside your voice history, you should see a play now button. Click on the vertical three dots icon above the play button.

Step 5: Now click on delete (Note that only individuals audio clips will be deleted)

Step 6: In case you want to delete all your audio clips from Google’s server, click on “delete activity by” on the left side of the screen.

You could better still, click here to go straight to the “delete activity by” page.

Step 7: On the page that opens, you should see “Delete by date”. Click Today.

Step 8: A drop down menu will appear. Select All time.

Step 9: Finally click on delete. All your voice search history will be removed from Google’s service.

If you don’t want to go true the stress of doing this every time.

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You can also go further and tell Google to stop recording and storing your voice in their server

Step 1: Go straight to the Google My Account Control page.

Step 2: Scroll down until you get to Voice & Audio Activity

Step 3: Turn Off the switch next to Voice & Audio Activity.

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If you want to be on the safe side, We advise you should delete all data stored on Google servers manually and disable everything through the My Activity Controls page.

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