Check Active Glo Data Balance: 2 Methods You Can Never Forget

Did you subscribe to a Glo data bundle on your Glo sim and would love to check your active Glo data balance and know what volume of data you’ve got left?


Well, to check Glo data balance isn’t so difficult but often times, we find our selves scratching our head trying to remember the exact USSD code our friend told us on how to check Glo data balance.

… funny but true.

You’ll agree with me that it’s not so easy living with so many codes in one head. 11 digit phone number (not including our family’s and spouse’s, besides, some of us have up to 4 sim cards), 10 digit account number.

… you can imagine.

For that, you easily forget the code to check Glo data plan balance.

In just a minute I’ll show you the fastest and most updated way to check Glo data balance in Nigeria.

Plus… You can never forget it.

Ideally, there are 3 ways to check Glo data balance. But since I know your secret (that you’d probably forget all of them), I’ll show you just two that you can recite like ABC.

Hehe… feeling like reciting some ABCs? Okay, let’s shoot: How to check Glo data balance

2 Ways To Check Glo data balance

1. Dail the USSD code *127*0# to check Glo data bundle balance

This is a one-time USSD code to check active Glo data plan. Once you dial the code, just relax and wait for a message from Glo telling you what volume of data you have remaining.

2. Check Glo data balance using SMS: Simply text info to 127

You should be sent to Libya if you ever forget this. (lol) Why? Cos it’s ABC.

If you think you’d forget the first method, then try this.

This method of checking your remaining Glo data plan is in form of a request. See it as you, making a request to Glo.

Here’s how to make the request.

Open up the default SMS/Messaging app on your phone and tap on compose. Now send “Info” (without the quotation “”) to 127.

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Send: Info to 127

You sending this via SMS means you’re asking Glo to send you info on your Glo data plan.

If the network coverage in your location is okay, in a matter of seconds, you should get a reply from Glo telling you what volume of data your active data plan is remaining and when it will expire.

But if you’ve waited an there’s no reply. Then you may want to try out the extra I included below.


I thought I should add this just in case.

You already know that *777# is the code you dail to buy Glo data plan but that’s not all to the code. You can also use it to check your remaining Glo data bundle.

Here how to do check Glo data plan using the famous *777#

Simply dail , *777#

>> You will get these list of options.

  1. Buy Data
  2. BlackBerry
  3. Campus Booster
  4. Voice Offers
  5. Voice Data Combo Offers
  6. Borrow Credit or Data
  7. Caller Tunes
  8. Int’l Call Offers

>> Reply with 1 (Buy Data). Don’t worry, you’re not buying.

Another set of options will pop up.

  1. .Buy 3G-4G Data Plan
  2. Gift Plan
  3. Share Plan
  4. Manage Plan
  5. Back
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>> Now reply with 4 (Manage Plan) and a final option will pop up.

  1. To get Data Settings
  2. To see Details for manual Configuration
  3. To go to Selfcare Portal
  4. Get Data Balance

Reply with 4 again to check your Glo data balance. Immediately, you’ll get a message telling you what volume of data your active data plan is remaining and when it will expire.

Still want extra?

Am sure you now know how to check Glo Data Balance even with your eyes closed? Lol… I bet you won’t have to scratch your head when you want to check your remaining Glo data plan. Please NOTE that this methods is to check active Glo Data Balance alone and not Glo Data Bonous Balance. Now go yeh into the world and share this new ABC with your friends. Cheers!

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