Your Infinix Smartphone & Battery Might Be Fake! Here’s How To Know

We are all fans of pranks; the kind of pranks that would scare our pants off and not the ones that involve our hard earned money. Unfortunately, there are products pushers who don’t really care about user experience all that matters to them is marketing their product.

Fake & Original Infinix

Whether you like it or not, there are firms pushing fake devices and gadgets into the market and a couple of us have fallen victim to such ‘fake commodity.’

What will you do if you ever discover that you spent a huge amount of money to get the Infinix Zero 4 and you ended up buying a fake copy?

I know that feeling! It’s not cool.

It may sound strange but, hey guys! lots of people are falling victim of fake phones. Most especially Infinx devices.

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Maybe you discovered that you got a fake Infinix device and the thought came to you. “At least it does everything a usually Infinix does?” Sorry, but here is the truth; what is not original is not original. But look on the bright side! Infinix mobile has put in measures to checkmate the distribution of fake Infinix smartphones in the market.

… some of you might be using an original Infinix device but unfortunately, you got a fake battery.

Thanks to Infinix mobility, with its Genuine checker service, you can check if your phone and battery are original or fake.

How to check if your Infinix smartphone and battery are original or fake

In order to check the originality of your Infinix smartphone, you first and foremost need to get your IMEI and VC number.

Simply dial *#06# to check your IMEI, its free!

For the VC number, check the back of your phone.

Now that you’ve gotten both the IMEI and VC number of your Infinix unit, follow the steps below to check if your Infinix is Original or counterfeit

Infinix genuine checker

Steps to check if your Infinix is Genuine or Fake

1. Head straight to Infinix verification tool

2. Type in your IMEI and VC number

3. If your IMEI and VC number have been inputted correctly, hit the submit button.

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Kindly note that this same step is applicable to the battery (but in this case input the 18 digit S/N found at the back of your battery). Infinix will then fetch your phone’s record and tell you if you have an original unit or not.

Now that I’ve introduced you to this awesome Infinix mobility tool, have you check the genuinely of your Infinix smartphone and battery? If yes, don’t forget to share this gospel!

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