Have You Seen These Caviar Customized iPhone 8 and iPhone X? The Cheapest Cost Over 1 Million Naira

Caviar, a Russian company known for making eye catchy modifications to flagship devices has released the iPhone X with titanium and meteorite-coated body.


According to them, these customization series were inspired by the MiG-35 jet-fighter, the Satan ICBM, and the T-14 Armata tank.

And as expected, it’s a true definition of Luxurious.

Take a look at them.






Done looking at those awesome customizations? (Lol..)

Now, let’s talk money…

The iPhone 8 with Black Onyx goes for RUB179,000 (around $3,000 which is over 1 Million Naira) and that happens to be one of the cheapest options.

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That’s if you call that cheap.

While the Meteorite-coated iPhone X goes for RUB244,000 or $4,500 (around 1.7 Million).

Caviar offers a large number of options for luxurious personalization. You can get back panel of the new iPhones plated with golden coat of arm (like the coat of arms of the county of Kazakhstan, Chechnya or Armenia.

There’s also a special collection called the Love collection which includes golden plates of Vladimir Putin and Donal Trump and purple-leather back with blue Josephine diamonds.

If you’re to get one without paying, which of them would you prefer? (hehe). Kindly share your thoughts in the comments.

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