Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer: 5 Tips and Tricks for Beginners And Experts

Black ops Cold War has changed a few things since its release some years ago. The basics still remain the same. However, you should know a few things before your next game. So, we thought it helpful to provide this article for fellow Cold War players.

The tips you’ll find in this article are not restricted to any category of players. So, irrespective of whether you’re a beginner or a veteran Black Ops player, this article is for you. Also, Cold war cheats with Aimbot are another way to love up the ranks in your game quickly, so try out some.

5 tips and tricks for Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

  1. Stay Mobile

This is a very important tip for Cold War players as well as advanced players. It’s as useful in increasing your kill streak as well as keeping you alive. Enemies on your opponent’s team will call out your location to a member of your team. Staying in the same location long enough for other enemies to reach the scene can spell disaster.

Also, it’s easier to hit a static target than to hit a moving one. When you stay in a position for too long, a sniper can spot you and shoot at you. Moving out of a particular cover after your cover has been blown is an important way to stay alive.

  1. Adjust your Field Of View (FOV)

A good part of the game is that you can adjust your FOV. As a result, console gamers can adjust their FOV to be as good as that of players on PC. In addition, the FOV allows you to see the game world at any set angle at any time.

We recommend a Field of View set at 100 to be just right. It opens you how much of the game world you can see, plus your peripheral vision. An increased peripheral vision allows you to see more at a time.

  1. Know what attachments are necessary

Having as many attachments as you can loot in the game is a big thing. Most players lose when they don’t know what attachments any given style of play demands. Since you can’t go into matches with all the attachments, you should determine which ones to sacrifice.

For example, taking the Cavalry Lancer barrel makes it impossible for you to use recoil dampeners. This can be a difficult trade, but the sacrifice is worth it if you’re up against heavy vehicles. 

  1. Don’t be traditional with weapons.
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Weapons in Cold War are built to serve best in different combat situations. But unfortunately, many players stick to playing with a single favorite set of weapons. This leaves them playing at a loss and letting huge resources stay untapped.

You can use different weapons to help you achieve the best in any given situation. For example, throwing an explosive at enemies can help you unleash some damage. At the same time, you can reload your weapon and move from your previous location while they regain their sight.

 Thankfully, you can use the match with bots to experiment with the different available weapons and attachments.

  1. Get familiar with your surroundings.

This tip may sound too obvious but should never be taken for granted. Good map knowledge is the safest way to move about with increased accuracy. In addition, you get to know some good flanks and possible escape routes which you’ll need throughout the game.

It also allows you to know different pre-sigh routes, good sightlines, and vantage positions. Cold War has different maps that players will play on. When you know the map well, you get to know the different routes the enemies will emerge from. Giving you an edge that allows you to either take cover or strategize your attack.

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Do you want to dominate your enemies in Cold War and rack up some wins? Or do you just want to learn a few survival tips for your first few days in the game? Then, make sure to apply the tips you just read in your next game. 

Even if you can’t memorize the rest, two very important things should stick to for now. They include knowing your map and having good handling of your weapons. Also, a moving target is a hard target- you don’t want all those bullets hitting you. Lastly, add some hacks to make your game more fun; you deserve the extra bonuses.

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