Best Job In The World! A Company In Singapore Wants To Pay People To Play Pokémon Go

To be honest, when I saw this at first, i rubbed my eyes and checked what I was reading twice. It’s for real folks, I think we just might have found the best job in the whole wide world: getting paid just to play Pokémon Go.

Get paid to train pokemons

Singaporean Social Marketplace, Funzing posted a job advertisement on its Facebook fan page on Wednesday, saying it’s searching for true Pokémon Master for what it describes as the “First Ever Pokémon Job in the world”
With the little information gotten, the company made mention in its post that some selected candidates will be paid just to play the famous augmented reality game. Funny it is, last month a New Zealand bartender said he was quitting his job so he could get to play Pokémon Go full time. Perhaps he should apply

funzing first ever pokemon go job

Just a brief history, Pokemon Go was first launched early July in the United States and in  Australia. After its launch in Europe, it took over two weeks for the game to hit Japan and Hong Kong, Singapore and other neighbouring countries within the region.
It happens that Businesses are now taking advantage of Pokémon Go popularity. From what we are sure of, this looks like the very first company that gives you a chance to include “professional Pokemon trainer” on your CV.
You can participate in the Master Audition by booking a spot HERE

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