As IFA About To Kickoff, ZTE Reveals Dual-Speaker Teaser For Axon 7 Mini

A couple of us might be aware that in this year’s IFA conference kicks off 2nd September and will be held in Berlin, ZTE will unveil an audio-centric cell phone, there are hopes that the device would feature a dual-speaker setup just like the big sized ZTE Axon 7.
Axon at IFA
Just yesterday, the company, ZTE released a teaser image that shows more on audio with a “2” over a stylised stereo speaker. At first, when we saw it, we thought the device was a dual camera setup.

Geeks at GSMARENA took a walk around 2016 grounds being the day for the press and gladly they stumbled on big poster hanging from the ceiling and with no doubt it was the Axon 7 and Axon 7 mini, confirming that the flagship would be the centerpiece of the occasion (the tremendous ZTE Axon 7 is already professional).

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