Amazon Introduces Amazon Print; A Photo-Printing Service

It’s so obvious that we are all moving into an age of innovation, but seems no one wants to be left out  of the picture. Amazon has decided to move into a new sector – photo printing.

The great e-commerce company has introduced Amazon Print,  a new service that allows customers print their digital photographs and also order souvenirs like photo books, calendars and stationery.

For so long, the photo printing market has been dominated by the likes of Shutterfly, a company which offers similar photo printing.

To be frank, the launch of Amazon print, gave a serious blow to Shutterfly’s photo printing business. Unfortunately, Shutterfly has recorded a 12 percent drop in stock all in one day after Amazon decided to step into the game, Bloomberg reported.

Sadly, Amazon print is only available to the number of customers who use the company’s cloud storage, Amazon Drive. Photos to be printed must first be stored on the Amazon drive.

With this new service, Amazon plans to help Prime Customers take total advantage of the full resolution photo storage which is included in its subscription plan.

One thing for sure is that customers who pay for the company’s cloud storage service can now order prints of their uploaded photos. Amazon’s price comes a little lower than Shutterfly’s – the latter charges $30 for its starting range of photo books nad 15 cents for a print.

Although Amazon has said it will include custom stationery and calendars in the nearest future, you can currently order 4-by-6 photos for 9 cents each as well as print in different sizes. Print of photo books start at $20 each and for orders greater than $15, shipping is free!

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