Airtel Teases MTN On New Advertisement

In the telecommunication system, a good advertisement and quality could make you superior to other networks. Network providers in Nigeria do tease other network providers through their ads campaign.
The most recent is a new advertisement by Airtel tagged “Welcome to Airtel”. The video clearly sent a message to every viewer and of a truth the videos was perfect.

In the video, a man with a yellow briefcase and a yellow phone (symbolizing MTN) was trying to make a call. The man through the phone out of frustration since the call couldn’t connect.
Suddenly, the bag grew a pair of legs and started running. The man kept on chasing his bag until the bag ran into an Airtel office.
At the Airtel office, the man was welcomed with a red phone (symbolizing AIRTEL) and his yellow briefcase turned red as it was returned back to him.

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Watching this video alone, you may think Airtel is the best network in Nigeria, better of than MTN, but that’s not the case. All networks have their down short and are better in their own various ways.
We are all expecting to see MTN’s reaction to this; will it be a throw back shade at Airtel? Who knows?

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