Airtel OvaJara Back2Sender: How To Activate & Get FREE N800 Recharge Bonus

What if I told you that you could be added to Airtel’s payroll, receiving some incentives monthly like it’s a white collar job?


Too good to be true right? Hehe…

Well, Airtel actually wants to pay you back for your goodness!

With the Airtel SmartCONNECT 4.0 Ovajara x8 Offer, Airtel will now refund all your recharges as data bonus at the end of every month

So if you just heard that Airtel launched another service that gives 8 times the value of any recharge you make, then you may want to know more about this ovajara offer and how to activate the Airtel Ovajara x8 Offer.

This offer is an improvement to the initial SmartConnect OvaJara which gave you 6 times the value of your recharge.

This new service is tagged “OvaJara Back2Sender” 

… Keep reading to learn how to use airtel back2sender and how to migrate to airtel ovajara

All You Should Know About Airtel SmartConnect 4.0 – OvaJara Back2Sender

SmartConnect OvaJara Back2Sender is quite different from the initial OverJara offer because whenever you top up, you don’t only receive 8X the value of your recharge but you also get all recharges refunded that month as data bonus.

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Airtel SmartCONNECT 4.0 Ovajara x8 Offer

Here is a break down of what your account balance would read if you get the OvaJara Back2Sender bonus

When you recharge 100 naira

You’ll get a Main Account credit of N100
Bonus Credit – Voice – N250
Bonus Credit – Data – N250
Bonus Credit – Family & Friends – N100
Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM – N100
Total Credit – N800

When you recharge 200 Naira

You’ll get a Main Account credit of N200
Bonus Credit – Voice – N500
Bonus Credit – Data – N500
Bonus Credit – Family & Friends – N200
Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM – N200
Total Credit – N1600

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When you recharge 300 Naira

You’ll get a Main Account credit of N300
Bonus Credit – Voice – N750
Bonus Credit – Data – N750
Bonus Credit – Family & Friends – N300
Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM – N300
Total Credit – N2400

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When you recharge 500 Naira

You’ll get a Main Account credit of N500
Bonus Credit – Voice – N1,250
Bonus Credit – Data – N1,250
Bonus Credit – Family & Friends – N500
Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM – N500
Total Credit – N4,000

When you recharge 1000 Naira

You’ll get a Main Account credit of N1000
Bonus Credit – Voice – N2,500
Bonus Credit – Data – N2,500
Bonus Credit – Family & Friends – N1000
Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM – N1000
Total Credit – N8,000


How to Activate Airtel SmartCONNECT 4.0 Ovajara x8 Offer

When I heard of this offer I almost immediately wanted to use the 200 Naira in my jean trousers to buy Airtime so I could get this kpaja from Airtel. But Airtel be like: young man calm down! Lol..

Based on logistics, this offer isn’t for everybody!

Who can use the SmartConncet Ovajara X8

Certainly, you do want to know how to migrate to airtel ovajara. 

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Within the months, we’ve gotten lots of emails from airtel users. Most of which requst of airtel over jara back to sender code and airtel 8x migration code.

Unfortunately, there is no airtel back2sender code. The SmartConnect OvaJara X8 is designed for New Customers (i.e those who just bought a new Airtel Sim card).

Pathetic right?


I thought as much, but that’s it, guys.

So if you just got a new Airtel sim card, you are automatically on the Airtel back to sender plan (OvaJara x8)

All you have to do in order to get 8 times recharge bonus is to recharge your line with at least 200 Naira using  the normal *126*Recharge card#

Always dial *123# to check the OvaJara bonus given to you

Keep in mind that: Bonus is valid for 7 days (your Main Account Credit DOES NOT EXPIRE)

Got any question and need clarification? Kindly leave it in the comment section below and I’ll reply you asap.

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