A Smartphone Addict Cuts His Own Finger

One of the side effects following the use of modern technology, Geek recently shared on a post, effects of smartphone addiction.

Like they saw it coming; a child from China cut off his very own finger due to his addiction to smartphone.

The truth is that most of us are addicted to different tech gadgets including our phones, although the level of addiction differs. Many grown up still cultivate the habit of going to bed with their phones on their hands, making them to wake up very early just to check the latest Facebook post, or the latest tag.

For the twitter fan, they make it a priority to check the latest tweets and mentions on twitter.

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I may not be a doctor, but here’s a test:

If you cannot spend 30 minutes of the day without your mobile phone, you are best known as a phone addict.

What really happened is a little story of a Chinese kid, after being strictly told by his parents that he was playing too much with his phone. He decided to protest, his own form of protest was quick violent on himself. He unruly cut his index finger.
A report from Sina News says the little boy initial had an argument with his mother after he was seen being occupied with his phone. The father on hearing this, reacted, leading to further engagement.

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The little boy ridiculously went into the kitchen, took a knife and cut of his own finger.

He was hurriedly rushed to the hospital where a surgery was performed, the finger was later reattached. But we have not been informed whether the surgery was successful.

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