9Mobile You And Me Codes For 9Mobile Family And Friends

Blessed is the man who happily dials the 9Mobile You and Me codes for he shall continually enjoy plenty of free airtime to call all 9Mobile family and friends. (lol)


Blessings fall on you jor!

… if you’re an active 9Mobile customer and you make a lot of important calls like the president,  you ought to be sharing the gospel and wonders of the 9Mobile You and Me codes.

By dialling the 9Mobile You and Me code, your ‘flashing’ life automatically turns around. Everything goes from good to better, and to best!

Honestly speaking…

9Mobile Family and Friends is an exclusive offer on the 9Mobile Moretalk prepaid plan which gives you free airtime to call your loved ones every week. With the 9Mobile you and me codes, you will be able to register and manage your family and friends numbers.

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Like I earlier said, the 9Mobile Moretalk Prepaid plan is for folks who want to feel like a president when making calls.

On this package;

-When you recharge N100 worth of airtime, you get an extra N100 free credit for the week.

-When you recharge N200 worth of airtime, you get an extra N300 free credit for the week.

That’s not all…

Do you know that you can enjoy up to N1200 free credit in a week when you recharge a minimum of N200?

Of course you can.

I hear you asking what’s the magic code

hahaha… No worries! It’s not too late to join the party. Without further ado, here are the 9Mobile you and me codes to get started.

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If you’re new to this offer, you have to migrate to 9Mobile Moretalk Prepaid Package. Once you migrate to this package, you will be eligible to enjoy all offers on 9Mobile family and friends just like I do.

Simply dial *244*2# to quickly migrate to 9Mobile Moretalk. (Migration cost a token of N100)

Now, back to the magic codes (smiles)

How To Register You and Me Numbers On 9Mobile

If you want to add any phone number to your 9Mobile family and friends
Dial *233*1*9mobileNumber#

How To Delete A Number from 9Mobile You and Me List

If you want to remove a You & Me number on 9mobile
Dial *233*2*9mobile_Number#

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But in case If you wish to replace a 9mobile You & Me number with another number,
Dial *233*3*OldNumber*NewNumber#

How To Check Numbers on 9Mobile You and Me List

To view numbers on 9Mobile You and Me List, dial *233#

Now you have the 9Mobile you and me codes for family and friends, go yeah into the world and flash no more. Lol…

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