8 Great Tips That Will Help You Take Better Photos With Your Camera Phone

Have you ever wondered why you keep taking 20 pictures of yourself but at the end of the day, you end up deleting like 16 and leaving just 4?


… You may already be blaiming the poor camera for making you look ugly even when your mirror keeps telling you that you are. Lol…

No doubt, we now have improved camera sensors and better photo editing apps but a lot of us are stuck with low budget phones which come with cameras that are filters on their own – crazy filters that will make you tap the delete without a second thought.  Lol…

About you being ugly, that was me playing around. I know you’re pretty cos you’re reading this right now. Winks**

The reasons why you and every other phone user keeping deleting all that picture isn’t far-fetched – capturing a great photo is based on your photography skill.

Today I’ll be sharing with you 8 useful mobile photography tips as well as some smartphone camera tricks that will help improve your phone camera quality as well as help you take photos like a professional photographer.

1. Understand Your Camera Application

To capture great photo you should know your camera application very well. Nowadays, there are a number of camera applications for your smartphone. These camera apps have plenty of features and functions for managing your camera according to different situations. You should try different apps. If you know your camera app very well, you can use camera perfectly in any condition.

2. Use The Flash At The Right Time

Your favourite smartphones come equipped with bright LED flash for photography in low light condition. But a flash is not always useful even in low light.

If you’re looking for how to improve phone camera quality, you have to analyze light condition around you before you use flash. If you think your flash is very bright simply turn it off.

Do not forget that photography is all about proper use of light. Don’t use flash if your object is very close to your camera.

3. Keep Your Hands Steady

Now-a-days, our smartphone cameras are coming equipped with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). OIS is a hardware mechanism used to keep the camera sensor balanced even when you’re shaking the camera. OIS is great! But it is not 100% effective. And hence while capturing photos instead of completely depending upon OIS, keep your hands steady as much as you can. Using a smartphone tripod for the same purpose is also a great choice.

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4. Avoid Using Zoom

Our mobile comes with digital zoom and not an optical zoom. The main disadvantage of digital zoom is that it adds noise to your photo. And hence you should avoid zoom. You can take a normal photo and then crop it or you can move towards your object.

5. Take Multiple Shots

Don’t hope for the best by taking only one shot. You should take multiple shots from different angles and perspective and then you can choose the best from all photos you clicked.

6. Edit Your Photos

You can always use different photo editing apps to enhance your photos. You have to try different apps, features, functions to master photo editing skill. Learn about brightness, contrast and saturation too. Don’t over process your photo.

7. Always Keep Your Camera Lens Clean

Our mobile spends most of the time with us. We use our mobile while eating, drinking with dirty hands and hence mobile camera sensor will gain a lot of fingerprints, dirt, grease etc. If the camera lens is dirty, it will block light from entering into camera sensor and hence your photos will not be clear and sharp. To capture sharp images, keep your camera lens clean. You can use glass or lens cleaner for cleaning your camera lens.

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8. Think Out Of The Box

Photography is all about your creativity. If you want to be a good photographer, you should start thinking out of the box every time you opened your camera app. Anyone can pick up a mobile and take a photo, but it takes a real photographer to get a professional photo taken.

Are they other tips you’ve been using to taking professional photos with your camera phone? Do tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget you can be part of the inner circle of consumers who are safe, secure and always get the best viral tech updates that concern them. Join the community here.

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