Google Projects: Here’re 8 Cool Innovations From Google That Will Amaze You

Throughout the previous year(s), there have been several unveiling of ambitious and quite mind-boggling devices and computer gadgets.

From the release of the iPhone series (7, 8 and virtually the iPhone X) to the invention of various technology-based Robotics, there has certainly been a huge advancement in the quest for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Today, we will be discussing eight (8) ambitious but perhaps quite futuristic and realistic Google Alphabet Projects you may not have heard about.

Google went through a massive overhaul of their organization in the year 2015 (October) when it chose “Alphabet” as its parent company. Many parts of Google’s core business such as the Google search and android project where spun out into separate Alphabet companies with their respective CEO’s.

All of these futuristic projects cover virtually everything from making smarter homes to creating certain Robots that can walk alongside humans. No doubt most of these projects still have some over-side which need be sorted out before immediate launching in the near future.

The 8 most ambitious Google projects list under Alphabet and what they hope to accomplish. Here we go!

1. Delivery Drones

First is the delivery drones. Drones have become a major aspect of scientific evolution, serving several functions as per the purpose.

Project wind is Google’s desire to replace the human service in this regard with flying drones. A minor test in October of 2014 gave us a better insight as to how the project would work.

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The drone works by tying the package to a winch Robot. These robots will then wheel these packages to a safe holding location.

Alphabet plans to release the project to the public this year 2017 (though yet to be seen). Project Wind is what makes the “GOOGLE X” the company under Alphabet.


2. Smart Contact Lens

The ‘tech giant’ is also pursuing smart contact lenses that are solar powered and can collect biological data about the person putting it on.

It works by embedding sensors close to the retina so it does not in any way hinder vision. Its electronic components are all made using transparent materials and flexible plastics so no cause for alarm.

Also it can collect information about body temperature and blood alcohol content and can even go further to measuring the sugar level in your tears. PS: – The Medical savvy’s would better explain how this is possible.

The project is been run by Google’s verified company which was originally named – Google Life Sciences. No messing around with my eyes!


3. Internet – Beaming Hot Air Balloon

Project Balloon is Alphabets’ quest to provide Internet connection to two-thirds (2/3) of the world population using internet – beaming hot air balloons.

Though the project has been in progress since the year 2011, a bit of how it works was showcased on 2009 though no recent update on its public acceptance.

These solar-powered balloons fly at a high altitude to provide Broadband connection to certain geolocations without internet access. Worthy to note also that the project Balloon is been run under Google X.


4. Cancer Detecting Pill

Another futuristic medical project by Google composed of a tiny magnetic particle that can look into the science of cancer and other diseases of the human body.
The project is been run by Google X research lab and would, however, take at least another two (2) years away from being available and ready for the trying time.

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5. Internet Beaming Drones

Alphabet has two approaches to beam the internet around the world, the hot air balloons and the drones. The tech giant bought titan aerospace which makes the solar-powered drones ability to fly nonstop for years.

The titan aerospace (SOLARA 50) has a wingspan of 150ft and are been encrypted with 3,000 solar cells which can provide 7kw (7 kilowatts) of electricity to stay airborne for up to five years. Quite amazing!
They can also take real photography and are been run under Project Titan of Google.


6. Boston Dynamics Robots

Next up are the robots. Google acquired tons of robotic companies in the year 2013. One that stands out among all is the “Boston Dynamics Company”.

Boston dynamics creates various numbers of robots inspired by animals to help aid human work. A clear example is the ‘Aditchiter Robot’ (spelling), generally regarded as the fast-legged robot in the world.
This robot can get to a speed of 29miles per hour crushing a 13.1mile per hour speed record set by MIT in 1989. All robot projects are run and controlled by Google X.


7. Longer Lasting Batteries

This might sound humorous considering the release of several Smartphone and computer gadgets with mind sapping mAH duration.

That being said, creating longer-lasting batteries, therefore, might not seem like an ambitious project but it is actually a pretty difficult one with the persistent demand for batteries that last longer with respect to the well-known consumer items like Smartphone.

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The Alphabet CEO – ‘Larry Page’ told Analyst in 2013 that “Battery life on mobile devices is a huge issue with the real potential to invent new and better experiences”.

Thus said, a small number of four individuals are currently working on that issue under Google X. Perhaps, that is yet to be implemented in their recently released Pixel phones.


8. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The father of it all. Google has made massive strides towards refining its AI with this project entrusted to the company’s AI research firm known as the “DEEP MIND”

It was once reported that Google AI beat a human at a contest game – just for the very first time. Also reported to be capable of learning to play and win up to 250 games without any prior instruction.

More recently, the company’s AI was able to successfully navigate a maze on a computer game same way a normal human would. I mean what has to do with the “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle”.

So, that’s it for Google probable futuristic projects and you would by now be convinced of the probability of its execution and general human acceptance. Do well to let us know your views about these projects and perhaps its pros and cons to the entire human entity.


This is a guest post written by Nwachukwu Excel, an Editor at Follow him on twitter @trillionclues

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