7 Things You Can Relate To If You Were Given FREE 100GB By Your Network Provider Just For 3 Days

Getting free data from network providers isn’t something you see every day and so no internet surfer born of a woman will dare take the sight of FREE GigaByte with lukewarmness.


Now supposing you were given FREE 100GB by your network provider, here are 7 things you’ll obviously relate to if the FREE DATA is to last for just 3 days.

1. 24 hours suddenly becomes too small

Shorter day, longer night. Longer day, shorter night. At the sight of a 100 GB, all these science students and their scientific theories will be almost meaningless as the whole day itself will suddenly become too short.

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2. You practically forget how to turn your data off

Who lives at a river bank and still washes his hands with saliva from the mouth? With that amount of data, you’ll graciously put on your wifi for all your village people to connect.

3. You officially declare a 3 days fasting

Lol… When 24 hours starts looking like 6 hours, the kitchen can definitely wait. Personally, I don’t play with my belly. I can skip breakfast and makeup with Launch but to miss both is something I can never do even if it’s Glo Free Data Day.

4. 100% Battery Isn’t full enough. Keep charging

… that moment when your phone says “Battery completely full, unplug charger”, you’ll be like…

5. It’s then you start looking for “How To Not To Conserve Your Data

You’ve so far related to this point but I bet, you probably don’t understand what 100GB is.

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100 GB is having 10GB ten times.

Wait, you still don’t understand

Supposing you’re a loyal Glo subscriber like me who gets 4GB monthly for 1000 Naira.

100GB is having 4GB twenty-five times.

Wait!!!!!! That’s not the whole gist

Unlike some internet download beasts like us, if your 4GB serves you well for a month, having 100GB means having to use 4GB that should be used in 2 years and 1 month in just 3 days.

Lol… That’s f*cking crazy!

So that volume of data is actually bigger than you think. Spending it, you’d definitely need to think bigger as downloading music of 4MB is practically useless.

6. Night browsing mode activated

If the witches in our village can stay awake all night, why can’t I do same? Do they have two heads? Lol…

7. For once, hiring SIM card becomes a profitable business

I just remembered a friend who practically hires out anything legal. From wallets, shoes, clothing to phones…

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When you have a 100Gigabyte at your disposal and you know there’s no way you can actually use that up in 3 days. The best you can do is turn it into profit by hiring it out to a heavy internet user.

Which of these most perfectly describes you and what other crazy things would you do if you got such volume of data from your network provider? Do let us know in the comments.

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