Please Just Kill Me! 7 Hilarious Reactions Made By Nigerians Towards The iPhone 7 Price

Did I say Kill Me? 
Ehmm.. You’re safe, no one is going to dies today!

Every one in Africa even the little kids already know that the Great Oil Exporting Nation, Nigeria is undergoing economic melt-down and probably, half of the world must have gotten the gossip. “The legendary African county,” Nigeria is facing recession.

Despite the current standard of living, Nigeria still take delight in ripping out fun from the iPhone 7 launch.
I early shared the price of iPhone 7 and the Niara equivalent, you can read it
Okay.. Okay.. Okay… It’s time to be cracked up! Please if you’re reading this in public, don’t forget to laugh responsible cos people might take you for a mad man, Lol.

1. You feel like a ‘god’ when you’re the first to buy the iPhone 7 in your area

2. When your girlfriend calls you after she must have seen the review online

3. You decided to buy the iPhone 7 and got scammed; a China version was sold to you for the same price

4. You sold your kidney just to buy an iPhone 7, that was when “fine boys” decided to visit you

5. Can’t afford the iPhone7 headphones? No worries. Your iPhone 6 headphones can be re-customized

6. An Igbo man discovers that the price of the iPhone 7 is equivalent to the price of 7 acres of land in his village

7. How you head home after buying the new iPhone 7

If you come too close to me, you’ll die. This isn’t anti-virus protection but “Anti-theft protection!

Did you “laugh your ass out” or still want to kill me? I guess not. Hope this makes your day!

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