7 Best Tips To Play Apex Legends Like A Pro

Imagine that you’re given a magic wand that you can use to grant all your wishes in Apex Legends. You have to stop imagining because we just handed you the one – this article. However, it doesn’t completely work like magic because you’ll have to do a few things. Don’t be scared because they’re things any gamer can do.

Irrespective of whether you’re new to the game or you’ve already attained the experience of a pro; these 7 tips will richly benefit you. Also, you’ll find some undetected Apex Legends tips at https://aimclub.io/apex-legends-cheats/ that can help boost your gameplay.

7 tips for playing Apex Legends like a pro

  1. Adjust your mouse sensitivity

You may have found yourself losing in previous matches and probably identified some causes. Your opponent probably had an advantage over you because they have better control of their movements. Your mouse sensitivity is what’s responsible for this.

Don’t be in a hurry to begin your game with the default settings that come with the game. Instead, keep your mouse sensitivity comfortably low and work your way up over time. Your training time should also focus on getting the right settings for your game.

  1. Learn to think on your feet
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Apex Legends is a game that can have many things happen in a split second before you can even notice it. The fierce battles and quick movements can kill you in a flash if you don’t know how to strategize quickly. 

To heat you up and get that adrenaline surging before the fierce battles, drop into hot zones. But be ready to run if you find that you’re outnumbered.

  1. Share useful information with your teammates.

Do you want to move around the map executing tasks like you have it all figured out? Then you need to have information about your team’s next line of action. Without proper communication, this is not possible.

Also, learn to tell your teammates what your plans are before rushing off on your own. It would be rude to do by running off alone like you know it all. Your teammates might end up ignoring you throughout the match.

  1. Your training shouldn’t be limited to the training mode alone

The training mode should be your playground if you want to learn the basics of Apex Legends. However, you should note that the Training mode doesn’t grant you access to all the attachments present in the game.

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Also, the hitboxes you practice with are not the same as what you will find in the game. Therefore, you should balance your Training mode time with an adequate amount of in-game fight experience. The real game allows you to use attachments that you’ll need most of the time.

  1. If you can’t revive a downed teammate, all hope is not lost

When a teammate’s health level drops to zero, and they’re knocked down, you should revive them. But if the battle is still raging, then this might be a risky thing to do because you’ll be completely defenseless when you’re reviving him. In that case, allow them to die.

Later, you can collect the items your dead teammate dropped, including their banner. You should then find a respawn beacon and use it to help your deceased teammate respawn back into the game.

  1. Don’t enter a battle without armor.

If you’re tired of the game or you’re ready to die, then you can go into the battle with your legend unshielded. If not, then always have some armor on you before you get caught in a shootout. 

Also, if you get your armor damaged during a gunfight, then you must avoid the frontlines. Instead, let your teammates lead the fight while you follow behind. You can later get new armor on or charge up the damaged one.

  1. Use the Pinging system.
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If you want to communicate with teammates without using the microphone, then you can use the ping. For example, you can use the ping to inform your teammates about enemies or a nearby loot. 

Informing your teammates about your location is another benefit of pinging. Learn to use this tool properly if you want to be more effective in your communication with members of your team.


Why wouldn’t anyone want to be the best at anything they find themselves doing? As we stated earlier, these tips work like magic, but you need to put in a little effort. So, take some time to practice and get better at your shooting while learning how to use different agents, attachments, and weapons. Lastly, learn to stick with your team, communicating useful information that could benefit the team.

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