This 5 Seconds Video Will CRASH Any iPhone

A very interesting video has gone viral but the reason for it’s sudden rise to fame is not because of what’s in the 5 seconds video but because of what the video can do!

video crashing iphone

Playing the video alone on any iPhone will gradually slow the phone and then crash the iOS. Currently, the only way to fix this is to restart your phone manually (on iPhone 7, use the volume down and power on as the home button no longer works once froze)

Sources say this video can freeze any phone, including the iPhone.

A lot of users on Reddit tested the video and each of their iPhone gradually crashed after playing the 5 seconds video.

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What this video does is that it creates  a kind of loop because it is corrupt. It has been confirmed that even iPhones running  on iOS 10 latest public and beta versions do crash.

We believe Apple is already aware of this and should start fortifying its phones from the likes of this video or else. We’ll be celebrating the king of prank while others are getting sleepless nights.

Here is a YouTube video below, demonstrating how the 5 seconds video can crash any iPhone.

Watch the video, and be amazed!

Kindly note that the video above is a demonstration video and is not the 5 seconds video. But in case you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can try it out on your iPhone. Download the 5 Seconds video HERE.

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If You Watch This Video, Your iPhone Will Crash & Freeze Completely! Send This Insane Prank To a Friend!

Once your friend falls for the prank, be kind enough to help them fix their crashed iPhone by hard restarting it.

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