5 New Facebook Reaction Buttons (Alternative To Like Button)

Its been more than a year since Facebook started working on an alternative to its ‘like’ button. The company has finally come out will something cool and interesting, a “Reaction Button”.
Waking up this morning, i decided to reply some chat via Facebook. I saw a few pictures that interested me and so i decided to like. On trying to click the like button, behold i found something more interesting.
I quickly made a couple of search on google and discovered that it was an emotional reaction buttons and it has been available on some countries like Ireland, Spain, Chile, the Philippines, Portugal, Colombia and Japan for a while now.
Here was the first question that came to my mind
“why did this new development take time in getting to me?”
Any way, i’m glad it has arrived.

About The Reaction Button
The ‘Reaction button’ is a product of Mark Zuckerberg’s search for an alternative to dislike button.
This is how it works; when you hold down the like button, six round icons will pop up showing like, love, laughter, shock, sadness and anger emotions. Just tap the icon to select.
Below the status, you will find the counter for each reaction; how many likes, love, sad faces a status has received.
Since the launch of this feature, individuals have been using the ‘Reactions’ more and more frequently. For example, the number of people who use the reactions has doubled. And its been discovered that Love is the most popular ‘Reaction’ been used.
Below are some Screenshots of this feature:

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