5 Hilarious ‘LIES’ Some Nigerians Told To Hype iPhone 7

Around September last year, Apple had their annual event and in the course of that event, the iPhone 7 was unveiled to the public.

iPhone 7 hypes Nigeria

But just before the ‘market-breaking device’ was released, Nigerians well known for ‘singing praises’ had already started singing the praises of iPhone 7 to even as far as Jerusalem.

Big fans of Merrybet went as far as testing their predictive skills on the specs and features of the phone.

Well, a couple of not-so-geeky folks with huge odds, got their predictions correct whereas some went too predictive and hilariously, most of their predictions were the kind of hype you hear a guy telling a chick when he is wooing her.

So what actually were some Nigerians saying about the iPhone 7?

1. iPhone 7 will tell you if an ugly or fine person is calling you.

Sincerely, this rumour got me laughing out loud

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Before iPhone 7 was unveiled, part of the whispers and illustration I head Nigerians saying is that;

If you’re a hot chick and you buy an iPhone 7, whenever any ugly guy is calling your number, you will get a notification and therefore decide if you want to pick the call or not.

Lol. This were big lies and funny hype.

Guess what?

They were all sent to the bottomless pit because there is no such feature on the iPhone 7

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2. We will not be playing Game with hands again!

Wonders shall never end right? If technology doesn’t kill us, we sure will just laugh our ribs out.

Someone told me that someone told his friend that told his brother that to play a game on the iPhone 7 you wouldn’t need to use your hands but eyes (Eye movement).

If this is possible, then there would be no need to play our beloved candy crush and temple run with hands. (Eyes all the way!)

Hehe. This part of the hype was sent down the bottomless pit also.

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No doubt that augmented reality and virtual reality are the next big deal, iPhone 7 does not support that kind of technology that will allow you play games with the movement of your eye.

3. If an ugly person texts you, iPhone 7 will reject it.

How on earth would that have been possible? Handsome geeks, do you think this can be possible?

This particular hype was the talk of the kids in my neighbourhood.

Only God knows who told them.

Well, the iPhone 7 wasn’t made with the feature that would practically reject a text from an ugly person.

4. TWO headphones can be connected to the iPhone 7

Aside from the online leaks, a majority of Nigerians were expecting the usually wired headphone.

Not only were their expectations called short, the iPhone 7 was manufactured without a headphone jack, although a wired headphone could still be connected. But to “connect 2 headphones” – that’s too much hype.

5. The phone could play any music you think of.

Like seriously, this one got me speechless.

I’m currently based in Warri and where I live, some folks who had somehow heard the expected (whooping) price tag of the iPhone 7, were the ones speaking of this miraculous technology.

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If such phones would exist, I bet you would find them only in Heaven!

Closing the curtains.

It is indeed a well know fact that iPhones are prestigious phones not just in Nigeria but all over the world.

Allow me ladies and gentlemen sneh, to mention those who can’t do without Apple’s iPhone; Business men and women, students, married couples, footballers, musicians, drug dealers, and even Yahoo boys.

On the positive side, all thanks to the fundamental work of its founder, Late Steve Jobs.

So, say the truth!

Which of these hype did you hear most? Aside the few mentioned above, where there some other hype you heard, were they true?

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