4 Tech Habits You Need To Stop Right Now

A Chinese man once said 舊習難改

Meaning.. old habits are hard to change. (Lol) And for sure, we all got one or two old habits that seem almost unchangeable.

Such habits stretch across our personal life to our technological life…

Today, I’d be sharing with you 4 flaws and common practices we often overlook.

And Yeah! You should stop them Now!

1. Using the same passwords for different web sites

Like seriously, some folks would use one password for their Facebook account, Twitter account, Instagram account, Snapchat account, if it was even possible, they’d use it for the bank account (hehe)

It’s wrong…

While using the same password on different websites, if any of the websites get hacked, your information stored in their database will be reached by the hackers.

Your information could be traced to other places, although it can be inconvenient to use many passwords if you rely on your own memory.

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I’ll advise you use password manager likes LastPass.

Perhaps you’ve never tried any of the password managers, what they actually do is store your usernames and passwords for you. Some of them are free, others you may have to pay for.

2. Not backing up your photos

You may not have felt the pain of losing hundreds of your “so cherished” photos.

I have…

I still remember the time I borrowed a girl’s phone. Hoping to copy some movie, I removed the memory card from her phone and inserted it into my friend Computer.

(Unknowing to me) That was how the Virus on my friend’s computer chewed on all data on her phone’s memory card.

To prevent stories that touch, I’ll advise you back up your phone with any of the trusted apps that can automatically backup all your videos and your photos to the cloud. Making it easily accessible in disappointing situations.

Google+ is available on iOS for this function, the Photo App on android can also set up auto backup, the Dropbox can also be used as long as your camera upload option is on.

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For Amazon Prime subscriber, an unlimited photo storage is available.

3. Not minding your Facebook settings

Remember the post I wrote that got featured on NaijaLoaded and MaDailyGist?

You should check out that post – 6 Reasons Why People Unfriend, Block or Unfollow You On Facebook

Facebook is easily accessible, you can see what your friends are up to, you can post your own status.

Here is a question for you; when was the last time you checked who could view the contents you publish?

Finding those Facebook privacy settings can seem like a big task, but if you take out time to set them, you stay on Facebook will sure be remarkable.

4. Running Flash all the time on your Computer

Many of us are fans of live Streaming on our computers.

Not forgetting that Streaming is another reason why our Data Subscription bearly last.

You should check out my latest post on BellaNaija – How to Converse Your Data Subscription With or Without Recession

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Survey says Flash can make your computer’s fans to spin beyond required in order to cool down your PC.

You should not allow Flash running all the time. If you’re a Google Chrome user, try to use FlashControl. If you’re a Firefox user, try to use FlashBlock.

You’d get amazed how much battery life you can save when you turn off Flash on various sites. If you do this at first, your browser might look very different to use, but it’s worth it.

I know there are more habits we overlook and I didn’t mention (hopefully, I ‘d do that in an upcoming post).

In the mean time, which of these habits are you guilty of and which have you been able to overcome? Tell us in the comments.

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