3.6Gbps Achieved by Huawei and DoCoMo on 5G Tests

Coming Soon: 5G Network
A team has been formed between Huawei’s network division and NTT DoCoMo to begin a real-life testing of 5G. As earlier 5G was promised to achieve up to 20Gbps, but the experiment ended up with the peak of 3.6Gbps. , so there is still a lot of work to been done.
On the current networking trends, nowadays people watch TV shows and movies on their mobile devices, especially  the tablets. Imagine if we could achieve 20Gbps with the 5G that would mean that we would download bigger sized files to our devices in just a split of a second. It is like being able to instantly watch any online content, which  may seem unimaginable right now.
According to BGR, the tests by were conducted in Japan in natural conditions and not inside an high tech environment lab. As of now, let’s be expecting 5G to come somewhere around 2020, as other big mobile companies are also planning on start tests.
Takehiro Nakamura, who is heading the  5G experiments at NTT DoCoMo stated the following relating to the tests:
“As the first in the world to succeed with such a large multi-user environment test, this is an important milestone…”
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