33,572 .ng domain names registered by Nigeria in 2015

Based on the recent data shared by (NiRA) the Nigeria Internet Registration Association, 33,572 domains names have been registered, renewed or transferred with in the month January and November 2015.

The figure – 33,572 – is more than the 31,542 record throughout the whole of 2014. In the 2014 report, NiRA recorded 18,870 registered domains, 11,907 renewed and 765 transferred.

Report from Vanguard says that NiRA also accredited four more domain registrars this year in addition to the 47 it had last year.

NiRA’s President, Sunday Afolayan told Vanguard says
“We are hopeful that with full accreditation of more Registrars, this would provide more opportunities for creating awareness of the .ng brand”.

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Photo Credit: jbdodane via Compfight cc

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