3 Features You Should Find In A Good Smartphone

Since we are all different, so are our wants, our needs, our cares. They are all different, different from that of your next neighbor.

You and I think different when it comes to the features we look out for when we are buying a smartphone. Just as you know what pleases you, so do I.

According to a survey that was carried out by a startup British company, OnePluse, there are three essential feature you need to consider before you actually choose any smartphone.
At the survey that took place in United Kingdom (UK), 1,100 men and women within the age of 16-65 were surveyed.

These are the features you should consider when buying a smartphone

1. Battery Life

If you own the fastest car in the world and it runs out of gas. You won’t be able to go any where with it. That’s it! Poor battery will simply defeat the purpose of the device. So you need to consider the duration of any phone battery before you buy them.

2. Camera

In the century we are, nobody wants to buy a smartphone whose camera resembles that of 2 mega pixels. Getting a good phone with a good camera can be at times tricky. This is because manufactures will speak good of their product and if you bother asking sales personals they will just tell you that the camera is good. So here is how to know if a phone camera is good:

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1. It is quite known that new phones tend to have good camera, so choosing a new phone is a good idea.

2. Look for online reviews of the smartphone you want to buy

3. View sample photos that were taken by the phone camera.

4. Watch sample videos of the phone, you can find such videos on Youtube.

3. Storage

For those who want to fill their phones with all the files in the world. You need a phone with a large and expandable phone storage. Therefore buy a phone with expandable storage and always try using cloud storage services to save space and money.

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At the end of the survey, it was discovered that 87% understood phone storage, 81% understood screen size and 80% understood basic camera properties. However, 51% understood RAM and only 60% understood display pixels.

Researchers also ask respondents which of the phone manufacturer make the best smartphones at the moment. 32% voted for Apple while 39% think Samsung makes the best smartphones.

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