So you decided to play around with Samsung Odin mode and you ended up knocking yourself out? It’s always frustrating and annoying when you decide to try out a new hack on your smartphone, but unfortunately, end up bricking it instead.


Supposing you have tried out one or two guides on how to flash your Samsung phone, Odin mode Samsung and a bunch of other stuff are some of the key phrases you’d definitely hear.

While you may find those guides very easy and simple, others may have a tough time implementing it as it may turn out to be another rocket science. Hence often resort into getting their Samsung phone stuck in Odin mode

... if you’re new to the whole Samsung Odin Mode talk then it’s best you get to know a thing or two before you get cracking.

What is Samsung Odin Mode?

It’s not really wrong saying, the Odin mode on Samsung is that weird screen that shows an Android logo while displaying "Downloading... Do not turn off target!" And a small print at the top left corner which says "Could not do normal boot. ODIN MODE."

While that’s a definition you would relate to, its worth mentioning that the Samsung Odin mode is a very powerful and useful tool exclusively available to Samsung users only.

So what is Odin Mode Samsung?

The Odin mode, also known as Samsung Download Mode is a mode in Samsung phones that enables users to flash the phone or install a new custom ROM or firmware in the device. Odin Mode isn’t just for rooting, but it’s a great rooting tool, and essential to understanding if you want to flash anything to a Samsung phone.

In recent time, we’ve got a couple of mail from users asking for a guide on how to exit Odin mode on Samsung. In regards to that, we’ve come up with this article that covers Odin mode Samsung note 3, Odin mode Samsung galaxy s6, Odin mode Samsung on 5, Odin mode Samsung s5, Odin mode Samsung j7 and Odin Mode Samsung tablet.

Whether you know how to use the Odin Mode or Download Mode, the probability of getting your Samsung Galaxy stuck on Odin mode is always there. As such you should know how to exit Odin mode.

How to enter Samsung Odin Mode

Getting into the Odin Mode Samsung is quite easy. All you have to do is; simply press and hold the “Volume down, Power & Home” buttons, together. Once the screen display changes, press the “Volume + button” to Continue.

Samsung Galaxy Got Stuck in Odin Mode [Common Fix]

If you were unable to restart your device or get it into the normal mode, you don’t have to worry. Try out these common fix – it’s helped a lot of folks get their Galaxy device out of Odin mode.

1. Force Restart/Reboot Your Samsung Device

Most folks have tried this and it solved their problem. To perform a force reboot on your device, hold and press the Power button and Volume Down button together until the device reboots itself. After the reboot, your Samsung device should return to a perfect working state.

2. Force Shut Down On Your Phone.

Another way to get your phone back to the normal mode is to forcefully shut it down. To do this, simply remove the battery, wait for about a minute or two and re-insert the battery back into the device. Now turn on your Samsung and it should be as good as normal.

In some cases, the device may not respond. If your Samsung got stuck in Odin mode and you’ve tried any of the above and still the problem persist and refuse to go away, you may want to try some advance fix (effective as well).

Alternate Fix: Use Odin Flash Tool

Samsung Odin mode downloading do not turn off target

Using the Odin flash tool is the most recommended method of getting your Samsung device out of the Download mode safely. While it works just fine, it may be a bit tricky (at first) if you’re not tech savvy.

Here's how to get started with the Samsung Odin Flash Tool

First and foremost, download the Odin flash tool (with correct firmware settings and driver configuration) on your computer. Now follow these 4 steps

Step 1

Download the Odin Flashing tool, suitable firmware and driver software on your local drive. Once downloaded successfully, right click on the downloaded Odin File and select “Run as Administrator” option

Step 2

Now, you have to boot your device into the download mode (if it isn't ready in). Here's how to boot Samsung device into Odin Mode.

Simply press and hold the “Volume down, Power & Home” buttons together. As soon as your device vibrates, let go of the Power button.

Step 3

Once it vibrates, gently press the Volume Up button to enter the download mode screen.

As soon as your device enters the download mode, with the use of a USB cable, connect your device to the computer. Immediately it's connected, the application will automatically detect your device. And the Odin flash application will display a message written: “Added“.

Step 4

This is the final step. Click the “PDA” or the “AP” option on the Odin flash application interface, and then click the start option to fix the issue automatically

Tips: What to do if Odin Flash Process Stops and Incompletes

If for any reason, the Odin Flash tool fails to complete and you're able to exit Samsung Download mode, you can quickly flash the device again from the normal mode. Here's how to that.

Go to “Settings” > “Security” > “Reactivation Lock” and then turn it off.

Now you can use Odin Flash tool to flash the ROM or firmware for Samsung phone one more time.

Conclusion and Final Resort

Now it's advisable not to open your device as it would render your warranty void. If you've tried this Odin mode Samsung guide and still your Samsung device won't exit the Odin mode, kindly visit any Samsung local store.

Odin Mode Samsung Guide - If all the fix on how to get Samsung out of Odin mode seem futile, then this should be your last resort.