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Hey! Hey!! Hey...!!! Slow down, buddy. With so much eye-catching offer from SetvNow, I bet you’re obviously looking for SetvNow Apk download.


In this post is the latest SetvNow Apk update. So be rest assured, you’ll find SetvNow Apk download link right here.

SetvNow, as a lot of you may know, is a Premium IPTV service that lets you watch over 500 Channels on 3 devices for 20 bucks/month.

But before you get started with SetvNow apk download and installation, here is a couple of stuff you may want to know about SetvNow.

What devices can I use to run the SETVNOW?

Unfortunately, SeTV currently doesn't have apps for XBOX and ROKU yet. Hopefully, when they release versions for iOS, you will be able to get setvnow on iPhone.

Below are the compatible devices for the Set TV app

  • Android box 5.1 or higher
  • Android phones or tablets & set top boxes (SP-110).
  • Amazon FireBox & Fire Stick
  • Nvidia shield
  • KODI and more.  
  • SetvNOW also has apps for MACBOOK and Windows pc! 

Overview of SETVNOW

  • SET TV Essentials with 500 + Channels
  • Includes HD
  • Thousands of On Demand entertainment options
  • Plug & Play Technology
  • Pay as you go! Month to month service
  • No long-term commitments
  • No activation fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No credit check
  • Professional Support

SetvNow Apk App Download

1. Android Box, Invidia Shield and Amazon Firestick – download
2. Windows App 32 Bit: – download
3. Windows App 64 Bit : – download
4. Android Phone & Tablet  – downloaddownload via ApkPure 
5. Mac Pc App: – download

Popular Q & A

How to renew setvNow subscription?

Renewing setvnow subscription is not so difficult. You can choose to renew your subscription on or before your account expires by repurchasing online HERE .

Once you’re done with the order, you will receive a notification email.

It usually takes 15-20 minutes for SetvNow to process your order, so you have to be a little bit patient.
After processing your order, you will receive another email stating that your account has been toped up with the new subscription. You can as well see the expiration date on the upper right of your screen.

What kind of payment option does SetvNow accept?

We are accepting all major credit or debit card as payment method.

How to Contact SetvNow? 

If you ever need help or assistance, you can sure get in touch with SetvNow trough any of their customer care representative.

Customer Care Hotline:  866-737-3888
For other inquiries you can as well send an email to [email protected]setnow.com/[email protected]



This is pretty WEIRD(for me) Phil cos am using an Android with 4.0 version which makes it incompatible with the Setvnow app.

Anyways, I can still make do with my Windows 32-bit notebook 2003 PC - am not that a big loser after all *Winks*

Thanks for the link man, and another great review from Techkibay.

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