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Just got an Airtel sim and you badly want to check the tariff plan it is on? (Well, I know that feeling) and trust me, I've got the right code for you and I must say; to check Airtel tariff plan in Nigeria is a simple as ABC.

.... and I'll show you in just a sec.


How do I check Airtel Tariff plan?

The quickest way to know the active tariff plan on any airtel line is by using the Airtel self-service code - *121#

Now, how do you use the self-service code to check Airtel Tariff plan?

... that's also easy.

When you dial *121#, you'll be prompted with these list of options.

1. Buy bundles and services
2. Manage my account
3. Borrow credit and other self-service
4. Billing and tariff plans
5. Contact us

Your tariff plan is categorized under account option, so choose "Manage my account" by replying with 2.

After replying with 2, you should be prompted with another list of options - your account options.

1. My Data Balance
2. My Balance
3. My Data plan
4. My Number
5. My Tariff Plan
6. KYC Status
7. My PUK
8. My Serial Number

Now, quickly reply with 5 and you will be prompted with the active Tariff plan on your Airtel sim.

It should read "Your Tariff plan is ...."

So in summary, when you dial the USSD, just follow the onscreen instruction and you should be able to check the active tariff plan on your airtel line.

If you're good at learning by heart, you can as well crame this shortcode below (its nothing different, just a one-time combination that will show you the current/active tariff plan immediately.


That's how to know active tariff plan on Airtel and like I said, it's as simple as ABC. Wouldn't take you a minute.

This is the easiest and the most updated way to check Airtel tariff plan here in Nigeria

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