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Ever since Nokia broke the shackles Microsoft had on them (all thanks to their new boss, HMD), they've been working tirelessly to make a come back into the market and most importantly to win the hearts of consumers.

You know earlier, they launched a remake of the iconic Nokia 3310 and still on the pursuit to reclaim their lost glory, they've launched some set of Android phones. (Talking about the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and now.... the Nokia 8)

So YEAH! Nokia now makes Android phone. Nokia has it's first, second, third .. and more still  coming..

Even when some folks thought Nokia is only living on past glory and they might never ever return to using Nokia branded phones, the tech giant has decided to step up the game with hopes to take on and beat the all time rivals Apple and Samsung.

If you're an Infinix or Tecno user, here's what the new Nokia 8 can do that your phone can't do.

1. Take Picture With The Front And Back Camera At The Same Time - #Bothie

The new Nokia 8 is the first mobile phone to feature this technology (Dual-Sight mode or as you may want to call it, Bothie)


The dual-sight mode is a new version of selfie which allows you use both front and back cameras at the same time (simultaneously). While using this feature to cover videos or take photos, your phone screen splits into 2.

With this, you can share both sides of a story. Sweeet!


Wait till this hash tag starts trending on twitter, then Tecno and Infinix users will be like

2. Produce Quality Video And Sounds Like The Ones In American Movies

You know that feeling you get when you capture a very long video, probably a wedding or birthday party and then you decided to grab popcorn hoping to watch the video and then you begin to hear too many voices in the background?

Very horrible play back experience...

My brothers and sisters in tech, worry no more!

The Nokia 8 which has been designed to produce 4k videos also come with Ozo Spatial 360° audio (a technology used by Hollywood filmmakers and music producers).

For sure, this will put Hollywood technology in the palm of your hand.

3. High Quality Sounds From Its Out-Of-The Box Bluetooth Earphones

I suppose you've always wanted to save yourself the stress of carrying wires about? But so far so good, neither Tecno nor Infinix is helping matters with that kind of innovation.


The Nokia 8 comes with the Nokia Active Wireless Earphones. Though Nokia didn't take out the ear phone jack like Apple did in the iPhone 7, they've gone a step into keeping our technological life less wired with a Bluetooth headset which comes along with the phone.

The full portfolio of accessories for Nokia phones includes a range of headsets, portable speakers, in-car chargers, cases and screen protectors.

Here're some features of Nokia's new earphone

- It has been fine-tuned to have high-quality sounds with solid bass tones
- It has specially-developed ergonomic ear tips that will let it fit comfortably in your ears
- And as part of the innovation, the active wireless earphone is water, sweat and dust proof.

If you've been following MissTechy lately, you should remember the tutorial she posted on how she plays music with 2 Bluetooth speakers. She was able to do that with the new Bluetooth version 5.0.

Before Infinix users be looking at me like... (Lol...)

The Nokia Active Bluetooth Earphone doesn't features Bluetooth 5 but rather Bluetooth version 4.1.

If it did, then get ready to double your hustle (like Orezi) just to buy one of this phone. Just keep scrolling until you see the price, hehe...

Nokia 8: Key Specification and Price


SIM Type: 1 nano-SIM slot + 1 nano-SIM or 1 MicroSD card slot

OS: Android 7/11 (Nougat)

Display Size and type: 5.3” IPS QHD (Gorilla Glass 5 protection)

Resolution: 2560 x 1440

Processor Type: 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor – Spreadtrum SC7731


Internal Storage: 64GB

External Storage: microSD up to 256 GB

Back/Primary Camera: 13MP (dual) with dual tone flash

Front Camera: 13MP

Battery Type: 3090mAh, Non-removable battery

Protection: Shatterproof

Colours: Steel, Copper, Tempered Blue Satin, Tempered_Blue-Polished

Price: £546 (over 250,000 Naira)

What do you think about the Nokia 8? Does it stand a chance with any Infinix or Tecno phone and should it even match an iPhone? Kindly leave your thoughts in the comments.

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For a full Nokia 8 specification check Nokia's official site

Here's a video from Nokia Phones Design Team, you should watch it



Nokia don come back again ooh , but that price ehn e carry weight for yansh small lol


Lol.. Yeah, they're back

*** In Falz Voice **
Nokia really changing the game
you will never find another ruler wey be the same
Town crier go and tell them he be making his reign
Just say Nokia dont be saying his name


Thanks for stopping by, Mordi. Hope you share this with your friends.


Hey Philip,
I really love the #Bothie.
Sure, they may be trying to break off from the shackles which the TECNO and INFINIX companies have placed them with their amazing specifications but it doesn't still quench the fact that these other Industries are way ahead of them NOW in the Gadget Industry. Nice post though.


Nice post you got there. But my Gionee M5+ got all the above features you mentioned.

Commenting from Entclass Blog


it's awesome specs and that dual sight mode is really something but it's expensive


Yeah! The Bothie technology is cool, just that the price is outrageous.

Nokia's decision to venture into Android powered phones is the best they've made in a long time

I believe they've come to understand that Android being the current selling thing will be just the right operating system to bring them back int0 lame light.

If any manufacturer is going to start making their own OS, they're in for a big competition.

Remember the guys who created Android? One of them, Andy Rubin has made his own phone (Essential). But he's not making another OS. His phone which hopefully should be released September will run on Android 7

With the way Google and Phone Manufacturers are marketing the Android OS, only a more Innovative company can wrestle though. I believe Nokia understands this.

If Nokia keeps hitting hard, in a couple of years to come, it would almost be like they never left.

Thanks for stopping by man.

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