Everyone has his/her view on the kind of Photocopier/printer to buy. And for some reasons, my friend choose to buy the Sharp AR-5516.


I was at this my friend's cyber cafe the other day when all of a sudden, his Sharp AR-5516 Photocopier started acting funny - displaying the H4 error.

That very day, customers were all lined up with these pieces of confidential papers eager to make some extra copies but..... that was when the Photocopier decided to give us the silent treatment.

With the internet connection over there I did a couple of searches online and then stumbled on some text at CopyTechNet. They were just the right text I needed in that situation to get the copies done.

For the sake of consumers, In this post, I'll be sharing those texts I used in resetting the Sharp AR-5516 from its state of idiocracy - I call them the master buttons. (hehe).

But first, here is what you should know.

The H4 Error is a normal error you get on the Sharp AR-5516 when;
  • The thermal fuse is out or thermostat cuts out
  • There is a low power voltage going into the mains supply.
  • The heater lamp is disconnected or burnt out.
And most especially, when the thermistor dirty.

Reset Sharp Copier - How to clear the H4 Error on Sharp Photocopier

Basically, this master code/combo is called a "Reset Code" - technicians use the reset code to clear error codes showing on the Sharp photocopier.

So in troubleshooting, I used the sharp copier reset code and it worked and got my friends photocopier back to its sense.

Now, this is what you should do - The 2 seconds Troubleshooting that worked.

Step 1: OFF and then ON the copier again.

Step 2: Press these buttons one after the other on the copier

# - INTERRUPT - C - INTERRUPT - 14- then press the COPY Button (the usual button you press to make copies).
If you do this correctly, the copier would go OFF and then come back ON.

The technician who later came to service the Photocopier confirmed that the error occurs showed up because the heating temperature in the fuser unit wasn't reached during warm-up or operation time.

So, if the AR-5516 photocopier is showing the H4 error, know that the problem is in the fusing unit. Try these steps.

Some precaution you should keep in mind

If you don't want the H4 Error showing up on your Sharp AR-5516 at regular intervals.

- Check the continuity of lamp, thermostat and thermal fuse and replace.
- Measure power using a voltmeter and wait till it stabilises.

You can always try the "Reset Code" when you get other error codes showing up on your copier.

Have you tried resetting your photocopier? Did the master code work or did you face another issue? Let me know in the comments. I bet I could help.