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Let me guess, you came to hear about my friend (the richest man in the world), Bill Gates?

You're welcome!

Well, because you've chosen to be informed and safe, lemme tell you a little secret.

(Whispering) Though I don't like bragging about it. Aside from the fact that Bill is my mentor, he is also my close friend and as you can see, this write up is almost about him.

BTW, Have you ever asked yourself what it meant to be the richest man in the world?

If you have, then you're not alone because I've been wondering the same thing.

I've tried imagining over and over again but since it's obvious that am not the Bill Gates' type of rich, I have no clue what it entails (hehe, am rich sha; my doctor told me am rich in Protein), maybe that's why am tall?

But the one thing we do not need anyone telling us is that "money is involved!" Though a lot of things count for Mr Gates' success, for some folks, the money story is more pleasurable talking about.

Before we drive into the 5 things...

[Whispering, you've just been click bait!]


Mr Bill has nothing to do with this.

Surprised? Don't be....  you're not too big to be click bait!

On the contrary, I'll congratulate you because you've just landed on another piece of information. So don't stress it - this is quite different from those aggressive click baits you find on the web.

The Bill Gates you know.....

I don't think he's got a GtBank account (does he?). But the Bill I know [me trying to be a motivational speaker]; which is the Bill Gates In you!

Yeah, the Gill Gates in You. He's got a thing with GTBank....

So, yeah... a better title should have been 5 Things You Can Do At GTBank ATM... but since we've gotten this far, what's the use?.......

Let's get down to it.

What can you do at GTBank ATM aside withdrawing?

1.  Phone Number Update

Gone are the days when you'd have to go into the bank just to update every bank information.

You can now update the phone number linked to your GTBank account right from any GTBank ATM and your information would be updated instantly.

2. Payment of Bills

A lot of folks might have heard of this already.  So, let this stand as a confirmation.

Via the Quicketeller option on GTBank ATM, you can safely pay your electricity, Toll, Cable TV and other Bills. Cool ha?

3. Intra and Inter Bank Funds Transfer

If you intend sending money to a friend, there's no need withdrawing from your account and going to the bank to make a deposit.

That's technically a waste of time. Since the money is in your account, you can transfer it whether to  another GTBank  account or other banks'

4. Western Union

You can receive Western Union Payments directly into your account via GTBank ATMs

5. Cardless Withdrawal (PayCode)

Do you know you mustn't be with your ATM Card before you make a withdraw?

You just have to be with a phone and the sim card you used in opening your GTBank account.

Thanks to Cardless Withdrawal (PayCode), you can withdraw cash without your card at any GTBank ATM.

To do this, simply dial *737# on your registered line, select Cardless Withdrawal, and get the transaction code for your withdrawal.

Which of these do you know of and which have you been doing? Kindly tell us in the comments and obey the consumer's #1 Commandment - WhatSaysThou?



You really gat my attention Phil.... Bill Gates banks with GTBank.....lol

Buh, I do use my ATM card to do above transactions even without going to the machine... Quickteller made it all easy.


Hmmmm I was wondering though. Bil gate and GTBANK ATM LOL. Well with technology everything is becoming easier. The banking hall is almost empty and we keep growing.


Philip, you got me. Although my mind was telling me it was a trick.

Anyway, nice posts you've got on your blog. Your blog is a very informative one, and for this; I commend your efforts.

There's something I'd like to ask concerning this post, how can I stop SMS alerts from Gtb? I'm okay with the email alert.


Never know Bill Gates Banks with GTBank. Thanks a lot. have got to know today.


Lol... That's sarcasm right?

Hope you're not trying to repay me for my deceitful title?

Thanks for stopping by Paul.


Lolx... You are high... I know all these things na


Sup Akinbola.

To opt out of the SMS alert service, please visit any GTBANK branch close to you. You will have to complete an indemnity form.

But in case you don't feel like going to the bank, you can also access the form via GTBANK website. The form is available on the Bank’s website (Go to Download forms – Service Request – GeNS Indemnity Forms).

Thanks and hope it helps.



Am glad you do.

Thanks for taking out time to say something.


You caught me!

Please what's the name of this template ya using? I love the design

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