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I was going to say things are becoming a lot difficult but prophetically, I won't! I must confess, that Nigeria's economic recession has really made its way right from the presidency to the grass root level, it seems we are all drowning in the deep of inflation.

MTN Share and Sell

I was going through a Nairaland trend when I say this.

MTN now charges for Airtime transfer. Whenever you make an airtime transfer to a friend you will be charged.

According to MTN site, transfer charge varies on different Share and Sell transaction bands

- N1 application fee for transfers between N1 to N100

- N2 application fee for transfers between N101 to N500

- N5 application fee for transfers between N501 to N1000

- N10 application fee for transfers between N1001 to N5000

- N50 application fee for transfers above N5000

So, Mtn is now on the same side of the fence with Airtel. Tough MTN's current imposed 'Transfer Charge' is in a way cheaper than Airtel's. I had always known Airtel to be religious in collecting a whopping 10 Naira charges on each Airtime Transfer. But this coming from MTN, I never foresaw. I have expected a withdrawal of service from the telecom giant.

I believe this will help them maximise profit but on the other hand a sign that there won't be Any Awoof sooner or later. So if you've been anticipating any awoof from any telecom, dream again!

This new development has got a couple of customers point accusing fingers at President Buhari and the economy recession. It was first midnight calls, followed by many other services. Now they don't even give the usual 10 MB on recharge. What's going to be next?

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