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Forgive me! For I have Sinned against you! I heard of Nokia 3310's return and so I decided to celebrate it with some bottles of Coca-Cola.


Somehow, I got high! In my drunken state (with Coca-Cola), I feel like telling a short story about Nokia.

Don't you love hearing drunk people tell stories?

Now, Keep Calm and read on...

Founded in 1865, Nokia is a Finnish multinational communications and information technology company well known for the slogan "Connecting People"

When did Nokia come into Nigeria and how did they win the heart of Nigerians?

It is believed that GMS came into Nigeria around 2001 (all thanks to Olusegun Obasanjo). So am guessing Nokia and a host of others was the first to set **foot** in Nigeria.

Although Nokia made phones just like other brands, their phones were exceptional. Their phones are known for durability and efficient battery capacity.

Every Parent made sure their kids were using a Nokia phone.

Among the phones made by the Finnish company, was the legendary and famous Nokia 3310.

I had one!

It was my first phone and here are it's unique feature

Nokia 3310 meme

Things were going just fine for the company until .... rock met buttom!.

Nokia, almost like BlackBerry has lost right to make its own phones.

After Microsoft bought all of the company's mobile sector in 2014, the brand entered a parnership deal with Foxconn and produced the Nokia N1. Just last year, Nokia broke free from the shakles of Microsoft. Though they still don't have their rights, their new boss HMD Global, a Finnish manufacturer with complete right to use the brand name 'Nokia' has announced that they will be launching some new Nokia devices this year at Mobile World Congress (MWC) .

Despite the fact that we expected the release of Nokia C1 as the company's  'first Android phone', it is said that 3 devices will be released during the congress. Among the supposed phones that will be launched at MWC, Nokia c1 wasn't including on the list. It's just Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 and our beloved Nokia 3310

According to reports, HMD will add one or two touches to the Nokia 3310. Thereby introducing a modified verion of the phone; expected to be sold for about $62.

Would you buy a modern version of the Nokia 3310 or do you like the old Nokia 3310 just the way it is? Let's hear your opinions in the comments.



I hope it doesn't end up like a poor remake of a classic movie. $62 though. I hope the dollar goes down by then.


Funny you! When it was first manufactured, it cost $200. Though it wasn't a definition for sleek, we loved it.

I still wonder why they would plan to sell it for $62. Anyway, let's just fold our hands and see the re-born.

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