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How big is your laptop?

Hope it's not as big a mine? Cos if it is, then you're about to get jealous.


i-life, a manufacturer based in the United State has beaten a host of big brands to manufacture the alleged world slimmest laptop.

How small did they make it? 

Well, it's thinner than a pen and just as flat as your wallet when you've not piled it with many notes of currency. A perfect description for sleek.
ZedAir sleek laptop

Manufactured by i-life, the laptop comes with the product name ZedAir

Before you ask if it's worth a fortune, check out a highlight of its specs, am sure you will raise some eyebrows.

- 16.2 mm thin. Sweet!

- 1.53 kg, AWWwssSSome!

- Intel Quad Core 1.8 Ghz Processor. Holy sweet!

- Impressive battery life – up to 8 hours on a typical charge – lets you go all day without plugging in. Now, that is definitely a sign of end time.

This flyweight laptop not only fits perfectly in your bag, it won’t drag you down either, wherever you go. Sweet Again!!

The ZED AIR comes with a 1-month subscription to Microsoft Office, plus a place to put all your stuff 5GB of accessible from anywhere online storage with Microsoft OneDrive. I'm so loving this!

These are just to mention a few of how i-life wants to quench our taste for a portable and efficient laptop.

Now here is the most exciting part. This Laptop is in Nigeria. The price is hmm.......

Not bad at all.

It ranges from N79,000 to N103,000 across different retailers.

World slimmest laptop
So, enough for the praises! Though I wasn't impressed by some capacities, where did i-life flub up?

The ZED AIR's 10,000mAh battery capacity is outstanding. But I personally don't fancy the idea of a 2GB RAM Capacity Storage and the 2 Mega pixels front camera.

For the complete ZedAir specifications, check HERE

Closing the curtains

I know for sure that guys are not smiling, especially in this period of recession. The price may cut your neck but HEY! This Laptop is great a nice suggestion for students, business men and women, etc. Its title as the one of the world's slimmest laptop is something you would definitely take advantage of in the future. In terms of efficiency and much more, what do you think about this product line? Let's hear your honest consumer thought through the comment.

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