2017 Prayer Points From A Tech Geek

So you made it – but they said you would never make it.

Brothers and sisters in tech! it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.

Now, with a big smile on your face, look at yourself and say “Nah Me Be This?

If this is you reading this and you’re feeling the new year rhythm, then look at yourself one more time and say “Congratulations

Another journey has started!

Planet earth has completed another resolution and so if you’re hoping to attain greater heights and solutions.

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Let’s start the year with some prayers!

Pray and say;

1. Thank you father, because you are God!

2. Thank you because you connected with me, not with BLUETOOTH but with your SON.

3. Thank you because you answered me when I called you in 2o16. You answered me when Glo had no signal in my area, when airtel cancel “Please Call Me” Services, even when I kept cursing and insulting MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and ETISALAT because of their unconsolidated SMS 

4. Thank you for the life you gave to me, even if I sell my iPhone 7, it won’t still be enough to pay!

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5. Thank you because I didn’t date the hospital nor did I marry the mortuary.

6. Father! In this year, I will live, my capacity will be far greater than that of Gionee M2017

7. In this year, there will be no “404 Error in my life

8. Oh God, in this year, please open my eyes, upgrade my megapixel!

9. Upgrade my RAM, my ROM let my contain your blessing!

Now, here are some prophecies for you

10. In 2017, you will NOT buy iPhone 7, You will not. Rather, iPhone 8 is your portion.

11. From 1st January to 31 December, 2017, God will be your PROCESSOR

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12. Your shall walk to any door in life and unlock it with your FINGERPRINT.

13. It doesn’t matter whether you walked into the year with the Tecno Y2. I said it doesn’t matter.

Apple will call you and ask you if you want your MacPro the way it is or customised with your name.

In Jesus Name!

If you believe and you’re feeling positive, type a big AMEN!!!

Remain focus, keep pursuing your dreams/  Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR

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