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The recent incident of battery explosion caused by the Samsung Note 7 was really a big mess. Not only that it brought the company to ruin but it has left a deep scar on them.

Exploding note7

The tech giant did no just lost financially but have also tarnished the reputation of their products in general.

According to a survey carried out recently, more than 30 percentage of Samsung users might never again buy a new Smartphone from the South Korea tech giant.

At the launch of the Note 7, we all expected nothing but the best. It came like a shock on hearing that our so much anticipated device is a firework!

Samsung would have made a fortune at the end of this year with only the Note 7 but the reverse was the case. All the company is left with is a negative trend that would go a long way.

Now, we are throwing the question at you. We love to know if you still got any trust or soft sport for them.

What actually happen in the survey.

In a survey carried out by Branding Brands, 1000 owners of Samsung smartphones were asked if they will continue to buy smartphones from the South Korean firm, despite the recent predicament.

More than 40 percent of these users are planning on changing phone brand. Another 30 percent said they are done with Android and will get an iPhone instead. While 8 percent of these respondents said they would try their hands on the recently launched Google Pixel rather than a Samsung smartphone.

Now we want to know if you still trust Samsung Smartphones.

Not forgetting how the company courageously stopped the manufacturing of the Note 7 just to protect their users - did your confidence on Samsung smartphones dwindle or is your trust still as rigid as rock?

Lets here your opinion.

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