13 Kitchen Essentials to Keep Everything Organized

A clean house makes for a happy home-owner. After all, who wants to come home to a messy house? However, it is no secret to keep things in place, especially if you have a big family. With that, one of the most difficult parts of any household to keep tidy is the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of your home, where most conversations and interactions take place. Used daily and with hundreds of ingredients that need storing, keeping the kitchen spick and span can be a daunting task at best. Especially when you are cooking and baking, cleaning up and putting everything back is not a breeze. With that in mind, here is a guide full of kitchen ideas and essentials in keeping yours neat and organized.

  1. Pullout Pantry

A pullout pantry can be a great way to organize your kitchen. It is one of the best kitchen ideas that you should consider getting. Best used as storage for different spices, a pullout pantry makes it easy to access all of them while saving on much-needed space. Through this nifty little item, grabbing the right seasoning is effortless at best, saving you time and effort alongside giving your cookery that much sought-after clean look.

  1. Magnetic Knife Holder

The wall of a kitchen carries a lot of potential for space-saving but is most often underused; take the Magnetic Knife Holder, for example. Installing one in your home does not only improve the aesthetics of your kitchen but also saves a lot of drawer and counter space. More than just this, this magnificent magnetic wonder also has sanitation utilities as knives are less likely to collect bacteria attached to one of these.

  1. Hanging Wine Glasses
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Optimizing the space of a kitchen means looking for all potentially unused portions; one of them said portions tends to be that of vertical surfaces. With that in mind, purchasing a hanging wine glass holder can do wonders in saving space as they free up your drawers and cabinets for other kitchenware.

  1. Non-skid Fridge Turntables

 Non-skid fridge turntables are a great way of organizing your kitchen supplies. With a non-skid grip that prevents anything placed from flying out when used, this tool goes well in any cabinet or drawer for storing various things such as sauces, jams, and condiments. More than just the space-saving, this nifty device also makes grabbing what you need a simple task at best.

  1. Drawer Organizers

 While it is inevitable that you will be using your drawers for storage, using drawer organizers makes storage 100% easier and neater. Through this inexpensive tool, organizing your various cutlery is made so much easier as each section of your drawer is apportioned for specific items such as spoons and forks, making for both easy access and orderly appearances.

  1. Tea Bag Organizer

 You do not have to be English to need a tea bag organizer, as this nifty device allows is a wonder in terms of space-saving. More than just for tea bags, you can use this tea stand for condiment packets and sweeteners, giving your kitchen a clean look while keeping it space-efficient and organized.

  1.  Under the Sink Storage
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 The under part of a sink makes for one of the optimum places to store your cleaning supplies. With that said, purchasing a sliding organizer allows for easy access to your various sanitation agents while keeping them neatly organized for easy access.

  1. Cutting Boards on Shelf Doors

Walls and ceilings are not the only underutilized spaces in kitchens; the very doors to shelves themselves can be used to store various things, like thin cutting boards. Through tools like this, you can be sure to optimize every corner of your kitchen to keep it organized and clean.

  1. Label Maker

 Keeping your kitchen organized is not just a matter of space; it is also a matter of knowing where your supplies are and what you are pulling out. With that said, a label maker can make all the difference as it allows you to label your various jars and sauces, allowing you to easily identify what is what.

  1. Stackable Shelves

 Best for smaller kitchens, stackable shelves are an excellent way to provide vertical space. Through the use of this nifty organizer, you can store an assortment of things from the top to bottom, making the most out of the limited space within your kitchen.

  1. Jars

 Using jars is an excellent way of keeping your kitchen organized. Not only are they stackable, but they are also see-through, allowing you to immediately know what is stored within them. While generally used for dry goods such as grains or cereal, jars can also be used to store sauces and liquids such as oil, making them ideal as storage containers.

  1. Stackable Nesting Bowl
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 Stackable nesting bowls can be a game-changer in terms of kitchen organization. Aside from saving a lot of space, stackable nesting bowls often come in sets with various essentials such as measuring cups, a colander, and a mixing bowl, allowing you to have exactly what you need while being able to save space.

  1. Swivel Stools

 Swivel stools not only look great but are also wonderful in being able to save space. Pretty much invisible when not in use, these stools are a great way to maximize the floor space of smaller kitchens.


While keeping a kitchen clean and organized can be difficult, with the help of the various items on this list, you are guaranteed to have a neat-looking kitchen. From simple items, such as jars to worthy investments like magnetic knife holders, every one of these items is sure to keep your kitchen looking spick and span. If you are interested in browsing these items and others, check out Storables.com to see what else you can use for your organizational needs!

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