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The world has so much evolved that everyone has now become a user of technology.

In as much as we are all proud owners of one tech gadget or the other, a lot of us are still in a trance, living in our reality of ignorance.

We are ignorant of no other thing than the truth.

Producers will never lie you think, middle men do lie at times but for a change, have you heard the opinion of another consumer like us?

We believe so much in the power of consumer-consumer relationship

That’s why we exist!

- To share idea, news, events, make suggestions and giving answers to consumer questions

- To communicate with fellow consumers like us who are at the verge of being deceived by the so called “product pushers”.

However, our motive is to improve our readers’ franchise by providing consumer-oriented updates and solution to every single owner of an electronic technology and finally;

To bring out the best out of their technology life.

Our dream is to build Techkibay to the class and standard of Google, Yahoo, Alibaba and Facebook, Cnet, Android Pit, Android Police, TheGuardain.

This is not just any dream, as we have a clear business plan and roadmap to achieving this dream and this process is already underway. Become part of us by investing.
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Author : Philip Samuel

Am one-of-a-kind blogger, passionately driven by my love for anything tech. At Techkibay I help fellow consumers find value in the techki-things they buy.

I was born for this; with cold blooded aspiration to creating a voice for users of technology in Africa. Connect with me on Facebook | Google Plus
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