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7 Things You Should Consider Before Buying "That Phone"

So you think you’re ready to get that new phone? Ha?

Before you go screaming; ‘Yeah! I’m ready’ (like SpongeBob Square Pants), you’ve got to do some checks, not just economically checks but I mean you’ve got to convince yourself that your 'supposed' choice is in-line with your demand or need.


Believe me, it’s the best way to save yourself from the judgement and condemnation of your own conscience.

Sometime last year, I went to Robison Plaza in Warri to buy a phone for my mum. She isn’t much of a selective person though but all she wanted was something simple, not smart or anything – just simple.

While at the Plaza negotiating with the pretty Sales Rep., a woman hurriedly walked into the store.

From the look on her face, she had either come for a refund or to make trouble.

So I watched carefully how she as a ‘consumer’ demonstrated her frustration and unsatisfaction.

This was how the conversation went.

Woman: (Speaking to the Sales Rep) Madam, abeg, abeg, you play me wayo

Meaning: (You cheated me)

Sales Rep: Madam, calm down. How I take cheat you?

Meaning: (Calm down madam, how did I cheat you?)

Woman: You nor remember me? I con buy phone from you last week

Meaning: (Don’t you remember me? I bought a phone from you last week)

Sales Rep: I remember your Ma. Hope there is no problem

Woman: The phone you sell give me, no get head

Meaning: (The phone you gave me isn’t worth anything)

Sales Rep: Ahh! Madam, we only sell legit things here

Woman: I carry this phone wey you sell for me go party. Just to snap one picture, night go reach before camera go open. Me wey fine, the camera dey make me worwor. Though the battery dey last, I nor fit use am do anything I like. Nah my children dey use am play game.

Meaning: (I took the phone you sold to me to a party, the phone is slow on opening camera, and the camera makes me look ugly.)


If you read closely, you would understand that in actual sense, the woman was complaining of the phone’s camera and speed. She felt she couldn’t use the phone (even though the battery capacity was good) because of those flaws.

This is one reason why I continue to advise folks who are ready to buy a phone. “Know what you want to buy”. Don’t just Google up stuff and open random sites who have published one review or the other. Try to hear from another consumer – that’s the more reason why techkibay exist. **winks**


Okay back to my story...

After a while of talking and explaining, the Sales Rep told the woman that they wouldn’t give her a refund because she is requesting it on the basis of her ‘change in choice’.

Funny though, she didn’t bother much and was like “I would tell my husband to get me another one”

You see who ends up spending more? It’s we the guys!

Stuff like this is what I called ‘Touching Stories’.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 7 things you should consider if you’re going to get a new phone.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

7 things You Should Consider Before Buying That Phone

1. What kind of Phone do you NEED?

What kind of phone do you need

Before anything, you ought to ask yourself this question. Do you need a Smartphone, a rotary phone, a browsing phone or just an averagely small phone? What kind of phone do you need?

Before asking yourself “How much you’ve got”, this should be your first consideration. You have to compare phones and compare Smartphones. In all, just do a phone comparison

If you need a phone that won’t distract you and won’t give you reasons to buy data subscription, then what you're looking for is what I call CAT (Call, Answer and Text). If that's your demand then any of Nokia, Tecno, Fero or itel small phones should do. But if you need something REALLY REALLY BIG!

  • Something to keep your social media profiles active
  • Something for internet banking
  • or something for your favourite games

Then you definitely need a Smartphone. It could be Android or iOS.

2. How Much Do You Have?


Sometimes, how much you have can affect your choice.

Well, if you’ve got the money, spending shouldn’t be an issue then? If you believe money isn’t your problem, you could skip this and move to #3. But for the sake of my friends who want the best but are very conscious of how much they spend, do a quick check on how much you’ve got in your pocket.

Is it enough to get ‘that type’ of a phone? If it is, then let’s proceed to #3.

But suppose it’s not enough, I’ll advise you keep it and save some more.

3. Are you okay with the Size?

Size of phone

Very important! Though this is base on your own preference. For me, I like my phones small and sleek. If you love yours looking like a tab or monitor, cool!

The size of your phone certainly affects the way you hold, keep and maintain it.

4. Can You Relate The Battery Life To A Time Bomb?

Battery life

Battery capacity is always one of the lookouts when buying a new phone.

You can have an awesomely sleek device but if your battery is a whip, you’ll still carry your charger around. That’s like a punishment you know.

You’ve really got to enjoy the value of your money. So before going to the mobile phone shop, get to know how long the battery can last. For an average phone user, a 2,000mAh battery capacity phone is okay. But if you’re the kind of person who uses his phone for EVERYTHING, then get something higher than 2,000mAh.

[P.S] Using a phone with a good mAh power doesn't guarantee the battery capacity would satisfy your usage. This is because some phones do not have good RAM management and hence would be as ineffective as one with low mAh power.

5. How much do you care about your selfie?


If you care about your selfies, you should consider the clarity of any phone camera.

Phones with good cameras are legendary and would always produce pictures that would stand out. With a good camera, you save yourself the stress of having to edit all your pictures.

6. Have you used such type of phone before or did someone preach it to you?


You know there are lots of bloggers out there giving crazy reviews about some phones. A couple of time, reviews from untrusted blogs might end up deceiving you. So be careful.

If someone is preaching it to you, be careful; try to get your hands on the phone because “Seeing is Believing” right? Some of those praises might just be the usual hype.

If you’re contemplating on changing brand but don’t know which phone brand /product is reliable or satisfy your demand, don’t hesitate to ask your questions via the comment section.


7. How Much Would You Be Saving?


As a matter of fact, this should be the most important of all.

“What shall it profit a man if he buys his dream phone and ends up getting broke?”

Obviously NOTHING! If you go broke, how will you sub that “Machine” of a phone?

Known fully well that you should consider the battery, size, camera etc., you need to consider how much you would be saving even before spending.

Most especially if you’re ready to buy it on a go (ie. From your upcoming salary). Remember you’ve got bills to pay.

Closing the curtains

So, there you have it guys, 7 things I usually consider before purchasing a new phone. I’ll advise you do same.

In the meantime, while you’re being a nice human being sharing this with your friends and colleague one your social media profiles, which of these do you consider most, and which have you been neglecting? Tell us in the comment.
7 Things You Should Consider Before Buying "That Phone" 7 Things You Should Consider Before Buying "That Phone" Reviewed by Samuel Philip on June 08, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. This is a great post! Very useful and informative! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting and useful tips. surely gonna keep in mind while buying new phone.

  3. These are all great points. Everyone has different needs, wants and budgets and this guide is a good place to start. I'm luckier than most due to my connections with telecommunications and the deals they offer - but I know a few people who could benefit from your advice. Thanks for publishing this post.

    1. @ Nicole.

      Am glad you found this useful.

      Of course being connected to telecoms is one of the best gifts of being a tech enthusiast.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. All these are great points to consider.Very helpful to buy a perfect phone.

  5. I'm so boring with phones. I always buy iPhone. I thinks depend from what you have to do with your phone. Kiss from Italy!

  6. Very informative,Techpanda.
    Customers buying decisions are motivated by a need.People should be clear on what they are looking for in a phone and also relay their needs to the sales person before purchase.

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