Which Is Your First Mobile Phone? What Is Its Unique Feature?

My first mobile phone was the famous Nokia brick aka Nokia 3310.

My mum wanted to be in touch with us, so she gifted it to me and my brother.

Old Nokia phone

Aside from making calls, It had... you know...

"GOD'S GAMES", so we did what kids do best with phones. Play games.

Scoring the highest score on Nokia snake was our daily ambition. Food wouldn't dare stop us.

So what are the unique feature? 

You could stomp on it
You could drop it 500 times
You could throw it against the wall
You could paly soccer with it and it will still work.

She was a beast and she was indeed a strong beast.

Nokai 3310 meme

Did it ever malfunction? No.

Did it ever hang up because of all the information in it? No.

Did it do the job it was originally bought for to it’s maximum capacity? Hell, yes.

One incredible thing about my Nokia 3310 was that it had a special way of coming back to me even when i lost it several times.

I was just a kid, after losing it a couple of times, My beast finally met its waterloo.

How it died, I can't remember but...

My dear people, that is the mark of an outstanding phone.

These days, I drop my phone just once and if  dropped recklessly, what follows is the sound from a weekend horror movie. This is because the phones been made today are of no match when it comes to strength.

That was the unique feature of my Nokia 3310.

Which is your first mobile phone and what is its unique feature? Lets hear from you!

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