Airtel Free Facebook: Why You Won’t Enjoy It

Things would have been a lot better if we could browse Facebook without having to subscribe or pay for any network charges.

At this time, it happens that Airtel partnered with Facebook in providing a free Facebook access to all Airtel subscribers. So if you are a Facebook lover, you should have heard of

Free Facebook is really free, but it is actually not so free.

The free Facebook access for Airtel subscribers is not what most of us would enjoy because there are limitations, very obvious limitations!

For people who go on Facebook to read people’s update, this is very okay. But for those people in my category who watch videos and love viewing friend’s pictures on Facebook, this is definitely not the best choice.

According to CEO and MD of Airtel Africa, Chrisian de Franica, free Facebook is part of Airtel and Facebook’s commitment to bring Africans online and help them improve intelligence.

This Is Why You Won’t Enjoy It

1. The is initially meant for mobile users, but if you want to use it on your desktop or laptop, it is okay but you can’t access Facebook web page but only Facebook mobile view.

2. Secondly, on the free Facebook, you can’t view images and watch videos as you would be asked to switch to data mode. So what’s the point of using this when we can’t see the videos and photos our friends upload?

3. That’s not all; when you are using the free mode, you can’t access external links such as YouTube, a blog or another website.

If you love to browse Facebook like I do, I think it’s better you opt-in to Airtel Facebook Pack

To do this, simply dial *688# and select either weekly or monthly.

Don’t forget to check on us tomorrow for more tech updates. Cheers

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